Revit Plugin – MEP Section Maker

Lately we have been busy developing solutions to our customers, here’s a one of our plugin to our suite that create Section for MEP elements like (Pipe/ Ducts/ Cable Tray & Conduits).

There’s a similar approach made earlier to create Section for other Revit categories, we would like to here your comments if any.

Video Link – MEP Section Maker


Quick View 3D – Now on Autodesk Appstore

Quick View 3D is a free plugin which makes 3D Crop view by drawing a rectangular boundary around the object, where user can specify z value. This is especially nice if you’re working on coordination. It will concatenate the user name along with time-stamp which can be easily filter on later stage and save time.

Duct Sweeper – Updated

We’re constantly studying our customer request to  improve our products and services, here is the update version. Where user can now specify the Duct routing degrees, earlier it was restricted to 45 or 90 Deg.

We appreciate your taking the time to send us this information.

Happy productive coordination – elementBit Team

Duct Sweeper – Features

Duct Sweeper  is a custom tool developed for Autodesk® Revit® to save time, automotive repetitive task and help you be more productive on a daily basis.

Here are some of Duct Sweeper features:


  1. Duct Sweeper: This is very useful command for routing duct, by picking 2 points (first and second) of same duct and user decide the routing should go from top or bottom with additional function of setting rule of either 90 or 45 Degree.
  2. Center Selection: This will zoom the selected object.
  3. Quick 3D View: Draw box in the plan view, user will be prompted with a dialog box for z-value, concatenating the active user name a 3D view will be created and activated.
  4. Open Local Folder: This will open the directory of active project or family.
  5. Remove View Template: Toggle Make the active view template to none.